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Earth Day – together for a better future

Do you know about Earth Day? Celebrated every year on April 22, it aims to raise awareness of the environmental issues we face and promote the protection of our planet. This holiday was first celebrated in 1970 in the USA and gradually spread to the whole world.

Earth Day is intended to serve as a reminder of the importance of our relationship with the planet, to promote environmental protection and to raise awareness of the impact of our behavior on nature. Earth Day reminds us that it is necessary to take care of the environment not only for our own sake, but so that future generations can also enjoy it. Our planet is unique and beautiful at the same time. However, it is threatened by a number of factors, such as climate change, pollution of the air, water resources and soil, or the extinction of various animal species.

Everyone can join!

As part of the celebration of this day, various events were held, thanks to which awareness and the effort to support ecological behavior are spread. For example, garbage collections in nature, known in our country as Ukliďme Česko, tree plantings and educational events for children and adults are organized. In addition to reminding us of the need to protect the planet, Earth Day also has a practical meaning. For many people, this day is an impulse to think about their ecological behavior and whether they could help more in protecting our nature. Even a small step, such as sorting garbage in your home, saving water and energy, and buying local products can have a very positive impact on the environment.

Nowadays, ecological problems are becoming more and more serious, and it is impossible to turn a blind eye to them. Protecting the planet must be everyone’s business, so we should take every opportunity to take an active approach. We only have one planet and it needs to be treated with care, responsibility and respect. Each of us can contribute to nature conservation and help ensure that our planet is beautiful and healthy for future generations. Perhaps even by choosing sustainable fashion. We can do it together!

With love,

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