Let the magic in

Let the magic in...

Every one of us has personal desires, dreams and hopes, but also fears, problems, and issues. We often find ourselves hoping for a sign showing us that our dreams will come true, or that our problems will be solved. Sometimes the signs appear through lyrics of a song you hear on the radio while thinking about a certain thing, or it could be a picture that simultaneously appears in your coffee in the morning. However, many times our minds get so busy, that we tend to pass those signs and leave them completely unnoticed without realising, that if we would pay just a slightly more attention to our surroundings, we would find all our answers right there.

We have decided to help you to achieve your dreams and so we give you the sign. With every purchase you receive a small gift – our card. Let the type and the meaning of the card lead you to your answers. You can also carry the card with you in your bag or wallet as a small talisman.

Enjoy the magic!

There is a little witch in all of us.

Alice Hoffman

oblečení BeWitch dámský kostým kvalitní nadcasovost woman suit

The Ship card

Key meaningsjourney, business, turning point, adventure, travel, exploring, foreign land

Time framebetween 1-3 months, the time will come slowly like the ship reaches its destination

The Ship tarot card stands for the journey, no matter whether a life journey or transportation from one place to another with the means of transport. It is a road to the unknown representing the space or time distance. It is the beginning of the process and it brings new opportunities in all aspects of life. On this new, but step-by-step journey, you will travel, meet new people and achieve incredible results. Your plans will become a reality and you will grow on the inside out.

In relationships it signalizes, that you may not be a hundred per cent sure about your feelings now, but do not worry. The relationships are in progress. The Ship also represents long distance relationships, or relationship with someone from abroad. Either way it symbolizes moving forward.

In relation to work it also stands for moving forward. There will be new challenges and tasks that will bring new plans, responsibilities, and projects. New opportunities will arise and there will be a possibility for business trips abroad. You will be successful in everything related to your job.

The Fish card

Key meaningsfortune, wealth, success, money, multiplying of something, winning

Time framenumerous months, in the Christmas time

The Fish in tarot signalizes money, income, profit, or fortune. It is also connected with change of the direction, so if there is something in your life you would love to turn in your favour, this card could help you to achieve it.

In relationships it could mean that you love to be free and do not have the need to be tied to someone. You will enjoy romances, lovers, and all the benefits connected to those kinds of relationships.

In relation to work it means that you will be like “a fish in the water“ at work. Everything you touch will bring great results and you will enjoy every moment of it. There is a chance of earning or receiving a lot of money.

oblečení BeWitch dámský kostým kvalitní nadcasovost woman suit
oblečení BeWitch dámský kostým kvalitní nadcasovost woman suit

The Heart card

Key meaningslove, affection, life happiness, heart (as noun), life energy, feelings, wedding

Time frameup to one week or one month, the timing your wish for

The Heart is the card representing love and everything that you wish for deeply in your heart, no matter whether it is a romantic relationship, or you just wish your family and friends to be happy and healthy.

In the relationships it stands for the true love, falling in love or meeting the partner of your dreams, and either possession or establishment of a beautiful and happy relationship full of affection and understanding, in which everything is the way you want it to be.

In relation to your work it means that you will love your job. If you do not love your job at the moment, there is a chance to find a job of your dreams.

The Sun card

Key meaningsfortune, luck, happiness, destiny, energy, self-confidence, vitality, creativity, gift, celebrations, optimism

Time framein 1 year, during the summer, during the daytime

The Sun is the best card in tarot. It represents, that no matter what your problem or fear is, everything will end up in the best possible way for you and your personal happiness. Everything you have ever dreamed of is coming your way. (sun emoticon)

In love it symbolises big love or sympathy you already have, or will be coming your way from new partner, your family, or friends.  There is a hight chance of having or getting a relationship full of sun and life, that would be carefree, joyful and pleasant, with lots of beautiful experiences. It could also stand for a friendship, not only for a partner relationship.

In relation to your work it could represent great achievements, promotion or new income.

oblečení BeWitch dámský kostým kvalitní nadcasovost woman suit