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About Us

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The initial idea of BeWitch was to find a product connecting those, who want to treat themselves with those, who need help. Through this brand we want to share love, support, and most importantly – some magic!

Since the very beginning we knew that we would love to help children. They cannot help themselves or change many things that happen around them. However, we believe that we can help to create a brighter future for them, get them warm home, and the loving and supportive foster parents.

And so, we donate 5 % of each order to the Czech foundation.

Thank you for helping us in changing lives and bringing a little magic to Czech abandoned children! 

For more information about the foundation please get in touch with us.

The Witchy idea

Witches are often perceived as those who actively practice black magic rituals, associate with ghosts or cards and always wear black.

However, the reality is completely different.

The magic lies in the pure and creative inner energy of every woman. Each of us has the power to create our own world, in which we are happy, satisfied and in harmony with ourselves. It is all about taking care of ourselves.

Lighting of candles, herbal teas, meditation, yoga, incense, crystals or dream analysis. Does it sound familiar? Of course, it does! Every one of us has an experience with at least one of those things.


White magic is an important part of modern society as it illuminates the daily struggles of women on various levels. It is not only about the spells or crystals, most importantly, it is an understanding of one’s own personality and spirituality. Only the connection with ourselves, self-love and self-confidence could help us to pursue the life we want, to be truly happy.

About Ivona

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Ivona Harčarová comes from central Slovakia. She grew up in the heart of the Slovak Tatras and in the magical English countryside, where she regularly travelled from the age of thirteen. She has been cultivating her feeling for fashion and art since she was a child.

Ivona’s biography could easily be published and sold as a bestseller. She studied in China, Bali, New Delhi and London.

She loves traveling and learning about new cultures, people, and ways of life. She believes that we are the architects of our own happiness and we should help and enrich each other along the way.

She was inspired to create her own brand by the Czech world of art & design. However, BeWitch is no ordinary fashion brand – it is an inspiration for women who need to get the right impulse to be themselves.

“Ivona always brightens up a room with her smile. There is something special about her – the elegance she has; the style it represents; or the kind of warm feeling you get when she’s around. She is definitely one of those people that once you meet them, you never forget them. “

Kasia Zimoch

Special thanks to the whole BeWitch team!

The whole project would be doomed to failure without amazing people, who put their helping hands to the project and did their best to create something beautiful and unique.

And special thanks to our Slovak tailors, the most important ladies responsible for suing all the beautiful clothes by hand. Without them BeWitch could never become a reality!

Meet the BeWitch alchemists

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Graphic design: Lucia Dlabajová

Logos: Karol Smihula, Miroslav Uličný a Lucia Dlabajová

Website:  Lucia Dlabajová

Photos and videos: Raymond Petrik

 MUA: Zuzana Vyparinová (Zaynah Beauty)

Personal relations: Martina Medzayová –    Agentura Moy Joy

Accessories cooperation:

Shoes cooperation:  Catherine Mulier

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