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The witchy story has begun. Get on board!

Few years ago, I have read a book written by Blake Mycoskie (Start something that matters, 2011) that I was borrowed from a good friend of mine. At that time, I was drowning. I was standing at the life crossroad and had no idea where I belong in this world. Do I want to work in the office? Or should I pack my stuff and leave to the other part of the world and volunteer there for the rest of my life?

After reading this book (that I strongly recommend to everyone) I have realized that I do not want to do either of those things. I wanted to create something that would make people happier and help children to give them a good starting position in their lives. We all start from the same point with some sort of talent and drive, but usually what truly matters is how we are raised and what are our life aspirations – that is a real game changer! Every child in this world deserves to have a loving and supportive family – that I think we all agree on!

For more than three years I couldn´t find my product. The reason was simple, I didn´t believe in myself. I thought I could never come up with something new, because everything already exists and, in that moment, I understood that it is not about coming with something brand new. It is about bringing something that matters, something I put a heart in, and something that will make this world at least a little bit better for at least a small amount of people.

Work with what you were given

This was the reason I have decided to combine something I have a talent for – drawing; something I have a passion for – elegant fashion; and something I have a deep interest in – magic; with what I consider to be my life purpose – helping others. Surely, none of this would ever happen without amazing young professionals, who got excited about the idea, believed in me, and decided to help me to put BeWitch into reality despite working long hours, meeting deadlines and me driving them crazy with my obsession for detail.

But it is not only about those friends who decided to support me, it is also about new friends I made on this journey. The amazing young lady, Tereza, who is hand-sewing all this magic for you and worked for numerous fashion designers in the Czech Republic, kept her flat mate in a secret until I found out it was a black cat. The cat was present at all our meetings and we fell for each other. I took it as a sign that I am on the right path dealing with the right person, so she became a symbol of BeWitch (not even talking about the classic witch-cat connections and symbolism) as you can see her in our logo.

Together we move forward

BeWitch is just at the very beginning. We still have a crazy amount of work to do and even more details to work on, but I am convinced that we can do it together and that we will bring at least a little bit of magic into your lives just as we promised in the very beginning. It really does not matter if it´s going to be through some supportive words, beautiful clothes you can wear, donating money, or giving someone space to use their creativity in our project.

Yours with love,