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Valentine’s Day – fall in love with yourself

Valentine’s Day is coming. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or you treat it like any other day, there are never enough opportunities to make your loved ones happy. Although our society believes that this holiday is American and was artificially created for the purpose of profit, the opposite is true. It is a purely European and traditional holiday based on the legend of Bishop Valentine. Despite the ban of Claudius II., Bishop married couples which cost him his life. He was persecuted on February 14th. In his honor, this day is celebrated with nothing but love and its confessions.

Whether you are planning to go out with your partner or alone, you are definitely thinking about what to wear. We know you want to be elegant but sexy at the same time. Get inspired by the outfit of Miley Cyrus, who, thanks to her single Flowers, is being seen as a symbol of women empowerment. She never followed established conventions, so she went to the Grammys in a perfect black pantsuit. Complement the suit with bold pumps in red or bright pink, and believe us, you will definitely not miss any attention.

Gift (yourself) away!

But Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity for gift giving. With a gift we show our loved ones that we are thinking of them and that we love them. Whether you want to express love to your girlfriend, wife, mother or your sister, do it differently this year. Bet on silk! Unlike a box of chocolates or flowers, this gift will last much longer and every time the recipient wears it, they will remember you and your time together.

But you can (and you should) also give love and affection to yourself. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by indulging yourself and buying a piece of clothes that will remind you how important it is to love yourself on a daily basis. For example, get a beautiful silk scarf, dress, or pantsuit. This piece will make you happy not only during the spring months, but all year round. You can choose your gift in the Bohemian Trilogy store or simply leave us a message on our Instagram. On Valentine’s Day, go for a delicious breakfast before work and take a walk in the fresh air after work. In the evening, relax with a good movie or read a long-put-off book. Reward yourself, you deserve it!

With love,

Your BeWitch