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Imbolc – A festival of lights that will force you to rest and clean up

Experiencing inner restlessness? Do you feel like cleaning both – your wardrobe and your home, as well as your personal life? Are you still recapitulating last and planning what you will do differently this year? Don’t worry, everything is fine. Let your inner intuition guide you, because one of the most important holidays of spring – Imbolc – is probably responsible for all those feelings.

What would the Festival of Lights be without candles? During Imbolc, or Hromnice, as we know this holiday in Czech Republic, women used to light candles made by themselves during the long winter. These candles, always in an odd number, were then placed together with fresh bread in the window as a home protection from the adverse vagaries of the weather.

This holiday falls on 1.-2. February. It symbolizes the return of the sun. It is a gentle promise that winter is slowly saying goodbye and spring is coming. Gradually, the nature around us wakes up from its winter sleep and we can start to observe the first buds on the thorn bushes or the first cute lambs that are being born on the farms.

What to do on Hromnice?

But what is really important for us, during the Imbolc holiday, according to tradition, a purification ritual is performed. So combine your passion with tradition and run to your favorite place by the pond or by the river. If you are not a fan of ice baths, you can also enjoy cleansing in the warmth of your bathroom. Fill your bath with a rich foam and mix in your favorite herbal bath salts. If you want to use traditional herbs, choose violets. Then relax in peace and use the time to sort out your thoughts and make plans for the upcoming year.

After a great rest, your inner drive and urge to do something is likely to kick in. Throw yourself into cleaning your home and try to think about what you actually own. Unnecessary or older, unused, but still functional things can be donated or sold, and broken ones can be thrown away. This will create room for new things and experiences. Don’t forget to clean the air properly so that everything old is blown away and you have the ground ready for everything that this year will bring you.

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