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Explore rituals of South America with us – Brazil

It would be hard to find a more famous area for shamanism and witchcraft than South America. A rainforest, a jungle criss-crossed by the majestic Amazon, a place where the original tribes and inhabitants still worship Mother Earth in her purest form. Whether it is an original religion or one that was brought here with slaves from Africa, the connection to nature is more than recognizable here. Allow us to take you on a trip to beautiful Brazil, which Ivona Harčarová, the founder of BeWitch, recently visited. Let’s explore the most interesting things together.

Did you know that Brazil is one of the countries with the largest Catholic population in the world? In addition to Christianity, small traditional religions and witchcraft are also widespread here. Therefore, in Brazil you can meet both black and white magic.

Macumba and Candomlbe.

Macumba, was created by combining indigenous religions and beliefs brought by African slaves. You may find information that Macumba is so-called black magic, which may or may not be true. It is hard to make a statement about Macumba also for the fact that it also comprises other offshoots, which, with their convictions, on the contrary, can be seen as white magic without the slightest doubt. Macumba earned its infamous label mainly due to the possible ingestion of blood for its rituals. But it was replaced by dendé liquid, which resembles it in color. At the same time, they believe that blood or dendé can bring misfortune to the one who performs the ritual. The most popular liquids are, for example, water and honey, which is supposed to represent the spirits of the native Indians. Its use can help healing and reconciliation. Water, as a symbol of life that can help you heal and avoid death, is the most important liquid for believers. It is said that just looking into it will help you gain wisdom or the information you need.

Macumba also evolved into Candomble and Umbandu, which are considered so-called white magic. Candomble is characterized by a dance that allows practitioners to connect with deities and communicate with them. The main idea is that good and evil are not important. What matters is to accept your lot in life and live in such a way that you feel internally fulfilled. It believes that if you deliberately harm someone, it will come back to you like a boomerang.

Macumba and Candomlbe

In Rio de Janeiro, it is common to meet crowds of people on New Year’s Eve who leave offerings in the sand or send them by sea to the goddess Lemanja – the Queen of the Ocean. Umbanda believes in reincarnation, spiritual evolution, and we can feel the great influence of Buddhism. Believers also often call spirits for advice.

If you want to know your future, just look around. Brazilian fortune tellers even have their own advertising banners and signposts so you know where to go, if you wish to unlock your destiny. In Bahía, you will be surprised that you can have your hand read right on the street. Also, if you find yourself in El Salvador, be careful where you step. Brazilian women place small altars and offerings on the sidewalks, thanks to which they try to attract the right man into their lives. They show us that in other corners of the world, what we only see in fantasy films, is a common reality.

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