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Discover your inner witch – a simple ritual to start with.

Since forever, women have been closely associated with nature, rituals, phases of the moon and magic. Unfortunately, over time and under the influence of personal situations, stress, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have begun to forget about our inner witch, who gives us the energy to cope with all the pitfalls of life. Despite that fact, each of us has the opportunity to find this power within ourselves, and thus to reconnect with our inner Self.

You can start, for example, by creating small simple rituals, thanks to which you will gradually be able to find balance and peace in this fast-paced world, but most importantly you give a little bit of  love, time and well-deserved care to Yourself. It doesn’t matter if you treat yourself to a cup of herbal tea every evening, take a walk in nature, enjoy a magical bath, or just sit on the terrace for a while and admire the shining moon… What matters is to find time for yourself and take what you need.

Your magical moment.

For tonight, we have chosen a simple little ritual for you, which you can start practicing whenever you want, even during a lunch break at work. Take a walk wherever you want and if possible, do not take your phone with you. Walk for a moment until you find a place you like and sit there comfortably.
Close your eyes, listen to your surroundings and breathe – try not to think about anything for at least 2-3 minutes. Whatever thought comes to your mind, send it away – try to completely clear your mind. Forget about family, children, work, problems, expectations. These are YOUR 3 minutes, where you are just yourself, no one is watching, and you are the center of your own universe. Then open your eyes and look around – notice what the birds are doing, watch closely the trees around you, what kind of people are surrounding you. Do nothing at all – just sit and look at the world for a while, no judging or thinking about anything.
So, how do you feel now?

Return to yourself

This ritual will help you spend at least a few minutes a day with yourself. At the same time, it will allow you to enjoy the power of the present moment, thanks to which you will feel as if you have left all the weight you carried on your shoulders in a given place. With ease, and certainly with a different energy, you can then return to normal activities, or just keep relaxing. Choice is yours!
Yours with love,