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Slow fashion – why is sustainability so trendy?

Sustainability, local product, slow fashion – these are the slogans currently present across the whole fashion industry. But you are still hesitating – what to imagine under those words and is such an investment really worth it? Definitely yes. You can tell the difference at the first touch.

You can buy cheap t-shirts or trousers in a regular store, but they usually show signs of wear and tear after a few washes. The fabric stretches out, starts to thin out in the most stressed areas, and the colors fade. The so-called fast fashion assumes that the piece will only be a seasonal thing and aims for quantity, not quality.

The difference compared to a slow fashion piece is therefore immediately apparent –  whether it’s high-quality stitched hems or carefully selected fabric ideal for the given piece of clothing. The final durability is therefore not a few weeks, but with proper handling, such a piece will keep you going for a few years. From a financial point of view, a hand-sewn piece has higher acquisition costs. However, try to count how many “disposable” t-shirts you have already thrown in the trash. You may realize that you have actually spent much more for your frequent purchases.

Brands that are proud of the sustainability stamp try to ensure that their materials and production do not further burden our nature. Therefore, it focuses mainly on natural materials, that were produced with no or minimum chemicals. Among other things, slow fashion supports second-hand shopping. Last but not least, there are local designers, who are strict with the selection of suitable fabrics.

Dress with respect to our nature.

Overall, the concept of slow fashion is not about having an overflowing wardrobe full of similar pieces of clothing. It’s about shopping with thought and in such a way that the clothes serve you for a long time and are easy to combine with each other.

At BeWitch we are not behind this great and environmentally beneficial trend and when sewing our pantsuits and dresses we think not only of you, our charming customers, but also of our planet. We try to get our beautiful fabrics from private suppliers who produce them either directly in the Czech Republic or Italy, or from small companies that stand behind their fabrics and vouch for them. All our pieces are lovingly sewn in Slovakia by our incredibly skilled and precise tailors. This makes each piece unique and made with all the necessary care. At the same time, you will be sure that your clothes are original, because the chance of meeting a person wearing the same clothes is really small, unlike with fast fashion.

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