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Summer solstice – magical festival of fire and water

June is one of the most popular months of the year. The days lengthen, the nights shorten, the temperature rises and the air smells of summer. All this clearly leads to the most magical day, the summer solstice.

June 21st is not just the longest day of the year that marks the astrological start of the summer. The solstice is still understood as the beginning of a new stage, it is the culmination of the regenerative forces of nature and man. Festival of fire and water. This is also why this day is associated with a number of rituals, which celebrate the part of the year that encourages the growth of crops, herbs, fertility and overall abundance.

The activities performed for the solstice celebrations vary depending on the culture and traditions. During the most important pagan feast of Litha, purifying fires were lit to drive away all evil forces and to glorify the Sun and the sun deities.

A night full of magic.

The night from June 20 to 21 is the shortest, but also the most magical night of the year. It is full of mystery and magic. During this night, the spirits of nature open the secrets of the earth and the mountains, uncover their treasures and show us the way to them. Herbs torn during this night have extraordinary strength, both healing and magical. One of the experienced rituals is also a natural bath in the clear waters of lakes or streams, which has up to several times more power during the dawn.

The night is great for connecting with nature. Collect fresh herbs in the forest or in your garden and make yourself a fresh tea. As you drink it, imagine all bad things (and any disease) leaving your body with each sip. If you are lucky enough to find more herbs, dry them and set them aside for the winter. Your body will thank you later. If you are not inclined to herbs, a simple ritual associated with lighting a white tealight candle during your evening rest is enough – regardless of whether it is sitting on the terrace, reading a book or watching a movie.

We wish you a beautiful summer evening!

Yours with love,