Elegant women’s suits

       Elegant made to measure suits enabling you to be yourself

Elegant custom women’s suits

Unique made to measure women’s suits for every self-confident woman

BeWitch is a sustainable women’s clothing brand offering women’s pantsuits and elegant tailor-made clothing for every occassion. We dress women with respect for them, their style and nature.

There is a little witch in all of us

Witches are often perceived as those who actively practice black magic rituals, associate with ghosts or cards and always wear black.

However, the reality is completely different.

The magic lies in the pure and creative inner energy of every woman. Each of us has the power to create our own world, in which we are happy, satisfied, but also in harmony with ourselves and the nature around us. It is all connected with taking care of ourselves, others, and most importantly, with how we feel.

Simply, we are the magic…


At BeWitch we use made-to-measure method

We customize the prepared cut to your measurements and requirements. Wear a unique piece made of quality Italian or Czech fabrics that will fit you better than the ready-made one in a comparable price. Well, isn’t that magical?

The suit is one of the most incredible pieces in a woman´s wardrobe.

The suit is one of the most incredible
pieces in a woman´s wardrobe.

It will be yours within 21 working days.

1. We will arrange a meeting at your home, at work, or handle everything over the phone/email.

2. We will take your measurements (or you will send them to us) and help you choose the fabric and the details.

3. In our studio we will make sure that you look magical in your new suit.

4. You try on your new suit and if you are satisfied, it is yours.


Our models bear names inspired by the well-known female figures
representing strength, independence and femineity

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