Reveal the divine feminine feeling with custom fit suits


Custom fit suit is on the most incredible pieces in woman´s wardrobe. Something that each one of us needs to wear from time to time no matter whether we go for a wedding or a celebration, and need to accessorize the look with beautiful jewels; go to work, and need to look professional, but still chic and captivating;


In BeWitch we believe in women´s uniqueness, therefore you can either buy the whole look while choosing your colour and material; or simply go wild and pick the style of your trousers and combine it with the style of the blazer that fits you the best in order to create your own custom fit suit combination


The initial idea of the BeWitch was not to find a product to sell, but to find a product that would make many people happy and connect those, who want to treat themselves with those, who need help. Sharing is caring and through this brand we want to share love, support, and most importantly – some magic!

There is a little witch in all of us.

-Alice Hoffman

Sybil Leek – custom fit suit

Magical tailor-made trouser custom fit suit that will awaken a white witch in you!

Have you ever seen woman so feminine, tender, pure, and beautiful, but still very attractive, that you have starred at her with your mouth opened when she entered the room or restaurant? This magical suit will create a unique bond with your personality and make you become THE woman you have once seen and cannot forget her vibe and beauty for weeks after.










Artemis Chanel style suit

Divine tailor-made Chanel style suit, that will awaken a sensual goddess in you!

When wearing this luxurious suit you are becoming a real goddess. Goddesses have been linked with virtues such as beautylove, and sexuality. There is nothing more that would be possible to achieve. You will feel sexy, feminine, divine and so unordinary. There is no way you will find any other woman wearing the same clothes. It is like you have just returned from a luxury spa that was build just for you and everybody knows it. You have never felt so astonishing and exceptional at the same time.











Morgan Le Fey​ – custom fit suit

Magical tailor-made custom fit suit, that will awaken a mysterious witch in you!

Remember the situation you were at the business event or a konference and you saw a woman talking business in the distance. She was wise, intelligent, classy and sexy on one hand, but mysterious, mystical and sensual on the other. This unique suit will make you become that lady,  who every woman want to be, and every man want to talk to.










Yvonne​ – custom fit suit

Magical tailor-made trouser suit with pleats and wide pants, that will awaken a sensual black witch in you!

Imagine yourself as embodiment of untamed feminity that is deeply rooted in your inner self. When wearing this unique suit you make your inner power break through to the surface and you allow yourself to create the deep connection with the world around you. Thanks to that feeling you will attract the attention and admiration of everyone in every space you walk in.











Madame Lenormand – custom fit suit

Magical tailor-made trouser suit that will awaken a sensual witch in you!

By wearing this suit, you have decided to create a bond with your inner playfulness and femineity. You show your surroundings that elegant and classy come in hand with playful and sexy. It means you feel connected with your inner self and suddenly you know your purpose, values, vision, goals, motivations, and beliefs. Those are not what you have been told by others, but what you feel deep in your heart. You can finally be yourself and that is what makes the law of attraction even stronger!










Elegant silk dress Alice Kyteler​

She does not have to wear anything else but her smile that could be easily created by the colorful flowers or simple little things in life.

She absolutely loves life and makes everyone around her fall in love with it too.The woman, who is elegant and very natural. All she needs to feel and look beautiful is herself and the dress that highlights her beauty. 












Elegant silk suit

Catherine Monvoisin​

Romantic, sexy and cute, yet still very mischievous and powerful.

Woman so gentle but still very aware of her inner powers and connection with nature. The one who gives man a mysterious smile that makes him fall romantically in love with her. 










Elegant silk dress

Malin Matsdotter

Dignity and courage.

The woman once you see you know that there is nothing she cannot do, and that there is no dream she cannot achieve if she wants to. At first she appears to be very elegant and classy, but at the second glimpse you adore her for being sexy and mysterious at the same time. She immediately becomes someone every man wants to meet and be around.












Elegant custom fit dress Maria Perpétua

Passionate and beautiful – the woman in the red dress you notice.

The one who makes you turn around no matter whether you are a woman or a man. You feel the energy and the sexappeal she has as she is wearing her red dress confidently and proudly. She knows exactly what she wants and she is aware of the power she possesses. Take the chance and be that woman too.










Elegant silk dress

Marie Laveau

Classy lady that owns her style.

The woman everybody in town knows or at least heard of. She is very intelligent, sociable, and she loves the company. In exchange, women and men follow her without a hesitation, because she has the energy and vibe that people enjoy being around. 












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