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The Witchy idea

The witches are usually seen as those who actively practices black magic rituals, connect with spirits, read cards, and definitely always wear black colour. However, the reality stands for something completely different. There are dozens of different types of witchcraft connected to various self-care rituals or religions.

Modern day witchcraft often includes the lighting of candles, herbs, meditation, yoga, incense, the smudging of sage, crystals, dream analysis, and other rituals connected to Pagan roots. Does that sound familiar? Of course, it does, because absolutely every one of us has an experience with at least one of those things.

Witchcraft is simply about using our mind and the power of the universe to attract our dreams and desires. It’s all about being deeply connected with Earth’s natural resources and using them for our purposes. It´s as easy as that.

Witchcraft is an important part of modern society as it illuminates the daily struggles of women on various levels. It is certainly not just the performance of spell casting or wearing crystals, most importantly, it is an understanding of one’s own personality and spirituality. Only the connection with ourselves, self-love and self-confidence could help us to pursue the life we want, to be truly happy.

To quote the British Vogue:

The modern witch is emboldened with a fierce of feminism that defies definition of the traditional witch. It’s entrenched in personal empowerment and impacted by the culture that each witch is surrounded by. The beauty of magic is that it’s most effective and potent when it’s deeply personal.

Why Prague ?

Prague is stunning and beautiful city, however only few people know, that in the 16th century, Prague had a mystical reputation as a capital of magic, alchemists, and dark arts.

All this because of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. of Habsburg, who was crowned the first king of Hungary and Bohemia. More than in politics he was interested in arts, science, astrology, alchemy, and the hidden and sublime secrets of nature.

Rudolf II. was passionate about finding the Philosopher´s Stone. This was the reason why he invited all the world-famous alchemists and wizards to Prague, including Sir Edward Kelley and John Dee (the biggest known occultists of the 16th century Britain). Together they established a private alchemist laboratory in the Prague´s underground, that is currently a museum with the tourist access.

Moreover, he established an Alchemist´s Alley at the Prague Castle, known as the Golden Lane, another popular tourist attraction. What supports Rudolf´s occult reputation even more is his presence in the stories about the Golem of Prague (the mythical creature protecting the Jewish quarter).


The initial idea of the BeWitch was not to find a product to sell, but to find a product that would make many people happy and connect those, who want to treat themselves with those, who need help. Sharing is caring and through this brand we want to share love, support, and most importantly – some magic!

Since the very beginning we knew, that those we would love to help are the children, because they cannot help themselves, and they do not have the power to change many things that happen around them. However, we believe that we can help them to create a brighter future, get a warm home, and the loving and supportive foster parents, because that is what every child needs.

We established a cooperation with a Czech foundation for children, who believes, just like we do, that every child should grow up in the family.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to disadvantaged and abandoned children in order to enable them to live a healthy and safe life in a family environment. It aims to reduce the number of children growing up in institutional care in the Czech Republic, that is still ranked among the leading in Europe, in the number of children growing up outside their own family.

With every purchase you make we donate 5-10 % of the amount you paid to the foundation.

Thank you for helping us change lives and bringing a little magic to Czech abandoned children! 😊

* If you are interested to know further details about the foundation or its name, please get in touch with us.

About Ivona

“Ivona’s biography could be easily published and sold as bestseller. She is beautiful, always looks stunning and has incredible sense of style. She brightens the room with her smile and class. But don’t make the mistake and think she is just a beautiful girl. She is incredibly smart too.

Ivona is always working on making her dreams come true and this is one of the reasons why I admire her. Living in Bali, studying in London, conference in India? To her nothing is impossible. She is incredibly intelligent and knows a lot about the world. She knows what she wants to achieve in life and I have never doubt she will be successful.

Ivona always goes an extra mile in whatever she does. She is extraordinary in so many ways. She has incredible intuition! She makes me feel very loved and cared for even though we live thousand kilometres away from each other. This is because she always finds a way to remind you how special and incredible you are even if you can’t see it yourself. She is always there for you with her shoulder to lean on.

She is generous, kind, sincere, considerate, hardworking and diligent. She is very organised, yet really creative. I guess she is one of the people who don’t fit to our times so well. It is the elegance she has, the class she shows wherever she is, the kind of warm feeling you have when she is around. I can’t imagine her working in the office from 9 to 5. But I can easily imagine her saving the world, doing something incredible for other people, creating something stunning and awesome. She is just destined to be successful.

Ivona has influenced me a lot withing the 6 years we have known each other. We have created many wonderful memories and she made me look at the world and myself in a different way – she taught me what is self-care and how to love myself, how to look at myself with the eyes of someone who loves you. It was hard back then because it was very hard time for both of us, but thanks to her I can appreciate the time we have with other people now.

She is simply one of the people once you meet them, you can never forget them.”

Special Thanks

The whole project would be doomed to failure without amazing people, who put their helping hands to the project and did their best job to create something beautiful and unique.

Meet the BeWitch alchemists:

Graphic design: Lucia Dlabajová

Logos: Karol Smihula, Miroslav Uličný and Lucia Dlabajová

Website: Denis Valdman – Uniquorn Online

Photos and videos: Raymond Petrik

MUA: Zuzana Vyparinová (Zaynah Beauty)

Personal relations: Martina Medzayová – Agentura Moy Joy

Accessories cooperation: Magaela.com

Shoes cooperation: Catherine Mulier

All our friends and family

…and special thanks to Tereza Wellner, the most important person responsible for suing all the beautiful costumes, without who BeWitch could never become a reality!

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