56th KVIFF: Ladies suits on the spotlight!

The first week of July is behind us and it held one of the most anticipated events of the year – the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. No doubt that the red carpet is de facto a fashion catwalk. Ladies suits, beautiful cuts, high-quality dresses – this leaves us hoping, if only […]

What makes a woman beautiful?

Have you ever been attracted to a woman passing by just by her energy? Do you wonder what it was and you keep asking yourself if people can perceive you in this way? Believe it or not, what we radiate starts with our wardrobe. Notice how what we wear influences our psyche. When you don’t […]

How to dress for work? Get inspired!

Are you stuck with the what-to-wear to work question every Monday? Have you run out of ideas? The basis of a modern capsule wardrobe are high-quality and classy pieces that can be easily combined with each other. That leaves you with as many options as your imagination allows. We all know it well, the beginning […]

Gratitude season has come – time to be thankful for what you have

Late July and early August brings the season of Lughnasadh (elsewhere called Lammas), or harvest and gratitude. The fields are worked from dawn to dusk to harvest wheat, corn and other crops. Let’s forget about modern agricultural technology and return to the true essence of this beautiful season. The feast of Lughnasadh is halfway between […]

Slow fashion – why is sustainability so trendy?

Sustainability, local product, slow fashion – these are the slogans currently present across the whole fashion industry. But you are still hesitating – what to imagine under those words and is such an investment really worth it? Definitely yes. You can tell the difference at the first touch. You can buy cheap t-shirts or trousers […]

Body Positivity – there is no perfection, nor imperfection

Before the term body positivity caught on and became one of the most commonly used phrases, it was primarily a name for a movement. A movement that called attention to society’s unhealthy attitude towards the human body. After the era of Twiggy, Barbie and other icons whose proportions most people will never even come close […]

Explore rituals of South America with us – Brazil

It would be hard to find a more famous area for shamanism and witchcraft than South America. A rainforest, a jungle criss-crossed by the majestic Amazon, a place where the original tribes and inhabitants still worship Mother Earth in her purest form. Whether it is an original religion or one that was brought here with […]

Imbolc – A festival of lights that will force you to rest and clean up

Experiencing inner restlessness? Do you feel like cleaning both – your wardrobe and your home, as well as your personal life? Are you still recapitulating last and planning what you will do differently this year? Don’t worry, everything is fine. Let your inner intuition guide you, because one of the most important holidays of spring […]

Valentine’s Day – fall in love with yourself

Valentine’s Day is coming. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or you treat it like any other day, there are never enough opportunities to make your loved ones happy. Although our society believes that this holiday is American and was artificially created for the purpose of profit, the opposite is true. It is a purely European and […]

Prom season – what to wear?

Do you have a few more dance nights waiting for you? For every woman, prom is the highlight of this season. You meet your friends, have fun with music, eat good food and, last but not least, shine in a beautiful outfit. So, how to shine at this year’s ball? If you are wondering what […]