BeWitch interviews Ivona: At first I didn´t believe in myself!

Helena from picked the most interesting platform newcomers and asked them about what inspires them, how they create, and what is the story behind their brand. BeWitch is pleased to be picked as one of those four brands and Ivona answered all the questions in the translated interview below. What is the story of […]

Interview with Ivona Harčarová – Breakfast with Nova, TV Nova

Interview with the founder and owner of BeWitch. Ivona Harčarová was a host in Breakfast with Nova on TV Nova, where she talked about how and why she founded BeWitch. She explains her creative process and what she needs for it. You will find out how she thinks of fashion and fashion creation. However, Ivona […] 3 tips how to be a woman you always wanted to be.

“If you ever happen to feel completely out of place and don’t know what to do with it, don’t despair! We testified to a successful businesswoman, whose goal is to help women feel exceptional, while creating a chance for children to live better. She will advise you on three effective tips on how to discover […] The goddess of a celebration? Bet on slow fashion!

“A family celebration, event, wedding, or just a normal work day is approaching, and you’re faced again with the choice of what to wear? We all know this well – too loose, wrapped, or short. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find a piece that fits perfectly, but it won’t happen to you with slow fashion!”Full […] Love yourself and you will be loved

“Currently, the concept of self-love is appearing everywhere we look. However, half of the people have no idea what to imagine under this term, and the other half ignores it and continues to live their ordinary lives in full unconsciousness often to the point, where it ceases to be bearable.” Full article available at We […]

The witchy story has begun. Get on board!

Few years ago, I have read a book written by Blake Mycoskie (Start something that matters, 2011) that I was borrowed from a good friend of mine. At that time, I was drowning. I was standing at the life crossroad and had no idea where I belong in this world. Do I want to work […]

Discover your inner witch – a simple ritual to start with.

Since forever, women have been closely associated with nature, rituals, phases of the moon and magic. Unfortunately, over time and under the influence of personal situations, stress, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have begun to forget about our inner witch, who gives us the energy to cope with all the pitfalls […]

Summer solstice – magical festival of fire and water

June is one of the most popular months of the year. The days lengthen, the nights shorten, the temperature rises and the air smells of summer. All this clearly leads to the most magical day, the summer solstice. June 21st is not just the longest day of the year that marks the astrological start of […]

Summer is coming back – relax and make a wish!

June. The promise of holidays, warm evenings enjoyed with a glass of good wine, walks in the fragrant forest, or the taste of the first juicy strawberries. But not only that. Right now, we are expecting a magical night on June 21st also known as the Summer Solstice. Although it is the shortest night of […]

Let yourself be enchanted by women’s trouser suits. Here is Why!

Summer is here. Your diary is filled with various events – weddings, client events, garden parties – and you are thinking about which outfit to choose? It needs to be comfortable, but at the same time it has to underline your femininity. Well, what hits the target better than a charming trouser suit? Awaken your […]